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This hamper contains: 

  • Burgon & Ball children’s gardening trowel. 
  • Mark and Rowan Sommerset's 'Baa Baa Smart Sheep' Book.
  • Mark and Rowan Sommerset’s ‘Two Little Bugs' Book.
  • MiMonster 'AHHa' keyring, hand-made. 
  • SSS growing pet hatching kiwi.  Place the egg in water and it will hatch over 48 hours and continue to grow.
  • Sweet pea flower seeds (packet of about ten seeds).
  • Handwritten message on a custom designed, gold printed logo textured stationery card.

  • Assembled in a custom made, hand-woven, lidded willow basket (measuring 37 x 33 x 18cm) or luxurious, white or black linen lidded box with our logo embossed in gold (measuring 33 x 28 x 10cm) or rustic, sliding lid wooden box with our logo heat branded (measuring 33 x 28 x 10cm).

  • Standard delivery included.

This will keep them distracted!

*To add more items to this hamper, visit the Build Your Own section. Some items may not fit but not to worry, we will let you know if that is the case.

*Please note that the Whoopee Cushion in the photo is no longer available.


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This product contains alcohol, which means that it is only for over 18s

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