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West Coast Cocoa Baking Cocoa



West Coast Cocoa Baking Cocoa (250g).

A pure, unblended Dutched cocoa powder sourced from the renowned cacao growing regions of West Africa. This region is blessed with a warm, dry climate, unique cacao varieties and high quality processing, resulting in cocoas with complex flavours.

Look for notes of dried fruit, and a classic full bodied cocoa flavour with a luxurious finish.

Best enjoyed in your favourite cakes, brownies, fudge, sauces....pretty much everything!

West Coast Cocoa was born with a vision… to create a delicious hot chocolate and chai range that they’d feel good about serving to our families; a range of flavours that would share their love and passion for rich, intense cocoa and the aromatic spiciness of chai. Produced on the West Coast of New Zealand, each batch of hot chocolate and chai is hand blended with care in small batches to ensure consistency and premium quality. Each bag is prepared by hand and packaged carefully in custom made cylinders.


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