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Wellington Chocolate Factory - Raspberry Milk Chocolate



Wellington Chocolate Factory - Raspberry Milk Chocolate (75g).

Limited Edition - Beautifully smooth and rich milk chocolate with the crisp tartness of raspberries.

Made with organic Peruvian cacao (45%), organic raw sugar and organic New Zealand milk powder from the Dairy Hub Co-Op.

Wellington Chocolate Factory makes organic, ethically traded, bean to bar chocolate of the highest quality. Their chocolate story starts with meeting the farmers and bringing the best single-origin beans into their factory from across the globe. Then they roast, crack, winnow, conch and temper – using artisan methods reaching back to the 18th century – producing batches of strong, luscious organic chocolate. Legendary New Zealand artists add their own dash of inspiration, infusing their wrappers with original designs. Every bar has a story to tell. Customers love their chocolate for its unique flavours, Kiwi connection, and their commitment to fair trade principles. Ignite your taste buds!


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