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The New Zealand Whisky Collection Hip Flask Trio



The New Zealand Whisky Collection Hip Flask Trio (150ml each bottle).

The Whisky Collection trio of whiskys including:

  • The South Island 25 years Single Malt - 40% ABV (exceptionally rated as "liquid gold" in Jim Murray's Whisky Bible)
  • The High Wheeler 21 years SingleWood - 43% ABV
  • The Dunedin 16 years DoubleWood - 40% ABV

This is a wonderful gift for any discerning whisky lover and great for a comparison of three amazing whiskys.

The New Zealand Whisky Collection started in 2009 when Greg Ramsay and a group of investors bought 443 barrels of mature-aged NZ whisky of a distillery which closed down in 1997. It was stored in an old airplane hangar. The whisky now resides in the towering seaside bonds store in Oamaru. These are exceptionally rare drams from what was once the world’s southern-most distillery.


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