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The Damson Collection Plum Terrine



The Damson Collection Plum Terrine (130g).

Damsons, walnuts, honey and a little lemon juice, this terrine is quickly becoming a favourite for our loyal followers. The terrine is slow cooked and left to dry naturally. It is rich and delicious and is packaged to ensure moisture isn't lost over time.

Serving Suggestions:

  • on an antipasto plate with olives, prosciutto, feta and artichokes.
  • with lively tasting cheeses
  • or just a slice with a cup of coffee (tastes better than cake).

Damson Plums have been a tradition of the Chambers family for many years, so when Tom purchased his orchard in 1990, he planted a hedgerow of Damsons. In 2004 he met Margie and introduced her to the family and its traditions. During the next two years, and with plenty of ideas they planted a few more damson trees. In 2009, along with their friend Catherine Rusby they launched The Damson Collection.


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