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Speight's Southern Man Cookbook

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Speight's Southern Man Cookbook.

A cookbook for every Southern Man or every New Zealander who has dreamed of being a Southern Man.

The Southern Man. No matter where he lives his heart is always in the south. He's straight talking and straight shooting. He's as rugged as the southern landscape. He loves a Speight's and he loves a girl who loves a Speight's.

This is a masculine and hardy high-quality cookbook - a collection of simple tasty fare done the southern way and meant to be enjoyed across the country. The recipes come from Speight's Ale House chefs and have been kitchen-tested. There are also beer-matching notes from those in the know at Speight's.

In addition it includes stunning southern landscapes and some great yarns that will be sure to appeal to the Southern Man (and woman!) - material on the Speight's Coast to Coast, the Great Beer Delivery, beer profiles, the words of the Southern Man song and the Southern Man identification chart. A good dose of down-to-earth humour in the laconic style known through the memorable ad campaigns will run throughout.


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