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Snack Box



This hamper contains:

  • Fresh As cherry whole (35g), freeze dried.
  • Health Lab energise chic protein balls (5 x 40g), formulated to give you a natural lift.
  • Line's Knaekbrod Danish cumin cracker bread (110g).
  • Salash bachka pork salami (250g), medium hot.
  • Totara Cottage balsamic cheese crackers (125g), cuisine artisan 2015 award.
  • Handwritten message on a custom designed, gold printed logo textured stationery card.
  • Assembled in a custom made, luxurious black linen lidded box with our logo embossed in gold (measuring 33 x 19 x 10cm).

  • Standard delivery included.


A tasty wee plate of something different.


Hold on!

This product contains alcohol, which means that it is only for over 18s

Are you over 18?

Yes! No!

Sorry, no can do! This product is R18

Opps actually I am 18