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Pallares Solsona Steak Knives (Set of Four)



Pallares Solsona Steak Knives (Set of Four).

Each Pallarès knife is hand-fashioned from high-quality carbon steel, and set with a boxwood handle. It's a forever piece made by a third-generation blade smith in the small town of Solsona, Spain, not far from Barcelona. Each piece is hand-stamped.

These knives require some extra care including hand washing and instant drying to avoid rust.  As soon as they are used they will form a cool patina which adds to their rustic character.

Pallarès, founded in 1917, is today the only testimony to Solsona’s renowned knife-making industry.Throughout its history, Pallarès has chosen and still chooses the materials of the the highest quality, and its main aim is the quality of the cutting edge, which is why all knives are sharpened by hand. Despite all the difficulties of a dwindling industry, Pallarès has managed to adapt to changing times without relinquishing its origins in the traditional knife-making craft of the town of Solsona.


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