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Maud n Lil Organic Cotton Comforter



Maud n Lil Organic Cotton Comforter - 'Ears' the Grey Bunny (30cm)

“Ears” the comforter is another member of Ears the Bunny’s family. He’s somewhere between a blanky, a bunny plush toy and a dummy clip (you can put a dummy in his paw for safe keeping). Made from super soft certified organic cotton velour with corn starch filling.

His eyes, nose and toes are hand stitched and lying flat he measures 30cm long and he is machine washable at 40º and comes in a beautiful lined gift box.

Maud n Lil's gorgeous organic cotton soft toys are designed for newborn babies and sensitive Little Ones. All their toys are made in factories that are socially compliance audited and made from 100% certified organic cotton with a natural cellulose filling fibre. This makes them perfect for children with allergies, asthma and of course healthy ones who want to stay that way! 


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