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Mark and Rowan Sommerset’s - Baa Baa Smart Sheep Book



Mark and Rowan Sommerset’s Baa Baa Smart Sheep Book.

A super cute, award winning story by Mark and Rowan Sommerset.

Kids who love wicked humor will gobble up this tale of a trickster sheep and a comically gullible turkey. Ewww!

Little Baa Baa is bored. So when Quirky Turkey comes along, the opportunity to make mischief is too good to resist. "What’s that?" asks Turkey, pointing at a suspicious something on the ground. "What’s what?" "That there." "This here?" "Yes, that there." "Oh, it’s just a pile of . . . smarty tablets." "Ohhh. . ." After a well-sustained buildup evoking hilarity and disbelief, this kid-pleasing trickster tale will have readers both groaning and laughing out loud at the payoff.

Mark and Rowan Sommerset's books have won a number of awards and are now published in multiple countries and languages around the world. As well as running their own publishing business, Mark also loves to attend festivals and schools to share stories and have fun with readers big and small. Working from his home studio on Waiheke Island, Mark can often be found playing-up with his son Linden or getting-down with his guitar.


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