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Maison Therese Stonefruit Coulis



Maison Therese Stonefruit Coulis (250ml).

A thick golden sauce of perfectly ripened apricots and peaches. Fantastic with yoghurt, ice-cream and sorbet or served over grilled chicken or pork. For a delicious twist to baking use in your favourite muffins or sweet slice.

This product is gluten and dairy free. It contains no added preservatives or colour and is low in fat.

Maison Therese was founded by Therese Mooren, in the Hawkes Bay, New Zealand. She started producing in her kitchen at home, which is how the name ‘Maison Therese’ was derived, ‘Maison’ meaning ‘the house’. Maison Therese produced its first jar of pickled Onions and Gherkins in 1965 and has been preserving favourite New Zealand flavours ever since.


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