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J.Friend and Co Honey - Cheese Pairing Collection



J.Friend and Co Honey - Cheese Pairing Collection (Set of Three, 40g each)

Honey has a natural affinity with cheese. In this unique collection pack we have selected our favourite honey to pair with cheese. This collection pack provides tasting notes for each honey as well as our perfect cheese and honey pairing recommendations.  The three honey varietals contained in this collection are: Wild Thyme Honey, Blue Borage Honey and Kamahi Honey

The perfect gift for any tea lover, this collection of Tea Pairing honey varietals are sourced from our unique New Zealand landscape.

"J. Friend & Co was created to return life to honey and dignity to the artisan beekeeper. We want to introduce food lovers to the complex flavours of vintage honey, a taste experience without equal." - Jeremy Friend, Co-Owner


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