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EcoSprout Cellular Baby Blanket - Natural 100% Organic Cotton



EcoSprout Cellular Baby Blanket - Natural 100% Organic Cotton (100 x 150cm).

Supersoft aircell cot blankets are the best baby blanket for allowing baby to regulate their body temperature. This is because they are highly breathable, making them the perfect blanket for your precious newborn. Plus you have the comfort of knowing baby is safely resting under only the purest and most natural and breathable 100% cotton organic yarns.

The perfect gift, designed for everyday use and generously sized to grow with your baby.

EcoSprout believes that natural, pure and chemical free products should be used where possible against baby’s skin. They believe in reusing, recycling & caring for our environment, and they believe that your baby knows nothing but nature and purity, so our products are designed to keep it this way. This means they source only the best from nature, including certified organic materials which are free from toxins and pesticides. EcoSprout believes in your babies growing up naturally.


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