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Drink In Tube Trésor du Monde Rums Gift Box

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Drink In Tube Trésor du Monde Rums Gift Box (4 x 100ml tubes).

An invitation to travel and enjoy a glass of 4 Great Rums of the World: Trinidad (Angostura 1919), Mauritius (Arcane Extraroma), Guatemala (Botran Reserva), Dominican Republic (Ron Barcelo Imperial).

    • Angostura 1919 (Trinidad) - 40% ABV
    • Botran Reserva (Guatemala) - 40% ABV
    • Arcane Extraroma (Mauritius Island) - 41% ABV
    • Ron Barcelo Imperial (Dominican Republic) - 38% ABV

Mainly concerning the Caribbean, West Indies, South America and the Indian Ocean countries Rums are characterised above all by their tropical climate favorable to the growth of sugar cane. Quality differences that may be encountered hardly result from differences between soils, but development methods that have evolved differently depending on the history and culture specific to each country, even each islands.

Angostura 1919
A traditional rum (distilled molasses-based and not based on sugar cane juice), Angostura 1919 is made from a blend of eaux-de-vie over 8 years old and aged in casks of bourbon. Marked by vanilla, caramel notes with salted butter and tropical fruit, this is a very soft and almost sweet rum.

Botran Reserva
Assembly of rums aged 5 to 14 years with a solera aging method, the Guatemalan rum is spent in four different types of barrels: in American oak barrels heated and unheated, sherry casks and finally in port casks. Rum both sweet and woody with fruity always present and very varied.

Arcane Extraroma
Arcane Extraroma rum is a rum from Mauritius island pure cane juice obtained from sugar cane (as agricultural method). The Arcane Extraroma rum is a high amber rum according to soléra method which reveals a mesmerizing aromas.

Ron Barcelo Imperial
The characteristic style of Barceló rums relies heavily on the assembly of different eaux-de-vie, a know-how based on decades of experience, including old rums aged 4 to 11 years in oak American barrels. The final key, specific to the Barceló house, is adding a little malaga before bottling.

Drink In Tube has its roots in France, with a little splash of Italy, Spain and Argentina. Created in 2007 by passionate French wine growers to offer high quality new packaging (a patented glass 100ml tube) to facilitate the sampling of their wine, they believe that interesting and premium wines should be accessible to all. Drink in Tube gives you the chance to taste, appreciate and enjoy wines and spirits by the glass in an unpretentious and fun way. Each tube gives you a small taste of something interesting and exclusive.


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