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Drink In Tube Terroirs de France Collection



Drink In Tube Terroirs de France Collection (6 x 100ml tubes).

A rare and unique gift box to stun the senses as you savour France and taste wines from some of the best wine regions. The selected wines are all from committed organic growers who continue this ethic throughout the wine making process. The collection embraces all of the wines that France is famous for, from the rich reds, the rosé, the delicate whites through to the sought after gems such as the...

    • Chateau La Rose-Figeac Pomerol Cuvée 2007 (Red Wine)
    • Domaine de la Bongran 2004 Cuvée (White Wine)
    • Domaine de la Rectorie (Red Wine)
    • Domaine Canet-Vallette Maghani Cuvée 2007 (Red Wine)
    • La Dame Blanche - Chateau du Taillan 2012 (White Wine)

Chateau La Rose-Figeac Pomerol Cuvée 2007
The Pomerol region is located 30 kmeast of Bordeaux. The appellation zone covers only 30 hectares but has one of the most unique and magnificent terroirs, in the world, and produces wines to match. Planted on soils of sandy or clay gravels the underground is rich in iron oxide called the “iron slags” resulting in typical and elegant world class wines. Property of the Despagne family for more than three centuries, managed today by Nicolas Despagne and his wife Nathalie Chateau La Rose-Figeac is a 5.2 hectares gem vinifying from 60 years old vines composed of 90% Merlot, 5% Cabernet Franc and 5% Cabernet Sauvignon. Since 2006 they have opted for an organic approach for their wine growing and winemaking because and I quote, ”The wines we make perpetuate the tradition of authentic, natural, alive never fined or filtered, never sterilised nor pasteurised great wines. Made from grapes issued from unique terroirs a bit of sulphite and nothing else.

Domain Canet-Vallette Maghani Cuvée 2007
Located in Cessenonsur-Orb, neighbour to the Haut-Languedoc Regional Natural Park is a rugged land of wines, stones and rugby where the mountains, the winds and the garrigue dictates their laws. Marc Valette owner and wine maker started growing his own vines under his grandfather’s stewardship. He brought his harvest to the communal cellar until 1992 when he decided to create his own domain. Marc and his wife Sophie have an organic certification for all the aspects of their
wine making and domain management since 1999. They have completely engaged themselves in organic because in their own words,”it is too hard to love your land and your country and to destroy it at the same time and most of all because we have to think about the next generation.” Vinifying from Mourvedre, Syrahand Grenache varieties planted on soft, clay and limestone, slopes, the wines of domain Canet Valette reflects their region of production.

Domaine de la Rectorie
This red wine from the Coté Montagne is a blend of Grenache, Carignan and Syrah. After twenty days of maceration, they are bred mainly in lightning and in barrel for 18 months giving a good concentration of tannins and whole freshness.

Domaine de la Bongran 2004 Cuvée
A Family estate since the 15th century, Domaine de la Bongran lies over 15 hectares at the feet of the ‘Coteaux du Quintaine’. Jean Thevenet owner and wine maker vinify wines under the ‘Vire- Clesse AOC’. The soils of domaine de la Bongran: marls of the oxfordian and superior Bathonian limestone, are particularly adapted to grow Chardonnay which is the only variety planted at the domain. The name of domain “Bongran” originates from the words “bons grains“: good grains. A stunning Burgundian Chardonnay, Jean Thevenet’s nectar displays a lightyellow gold robe. The rich nose opens on floral and orangey aromas and finishes on smoky minerals. At first, the honey attack on the palate may appear somehow sweet but the finish of acidic mineral brings the perfect balance. A real keeper in a cellar(3-4 years) this wine will surprise you even more knowing that it has never seen an oak cask in its ageing process.

La Dame Blanche - Chateau du Taillan 2012, Bordeaux
The white wine of Château du Taillan is called La Dame Blanche, and is made solely from the Sauvignon Blanc, making it a single-variety wine. It already has a well established reputation. The white grapes are harvested by hand and usually put into stainless steel vats towards the end of September, at a temperature of around 18°C. La Dame Blanche is a very fruity wine, with citrus aromas and, in certain years, exotic fruits. The wine has a soft and rounded texture, making it a charming wine, but very different to most Sauvignon Blanc we know today. It can be enjoyed either as an appetiser, or with seafood. The wine’s greatest asset is its freshness and it can be tasted within the next two years.

Drink In Tube has its roots in France, with a little splash of Italy, Spain and Argentina. Created in 2007 by passionate French wine growers to offer high quality new packaging (a patented glass 100ml tube) to facilitate the sampling of their wine, they believe that interesting and premium wines should be accessible to all. Drink in Tube gives you the chance to taste, appreciate and enjoy wines and spirits by the glass in an unpretentious and fun way. Each tube gives you a small taste of something interesting and exclusive.


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