What Willow & Wolfe is all about 

Willow & Wolfe is a collection of meticulously hand-picked food and gift products.  The products are assembled in stylish and beautifully presented, hand-woven, lidded, willow or wooden hampers.  The wide range of food products are made up of New Zealand artisan brands sourced directly from individual suppliers for their premium quality.  The gift collection is sourced from New Zealand, Europe and Australia and contains perfect items for the sophisticated gentleman, stylish woman, hard to buy for child, and even the pampered pet. 

Willow & Wolfe is the one stop-shop for the discerning shopper with options tailored to suit even the most difficult-to-buy-for recipient, on any occasion. 

Standard delivery is included in the price of all of our hampers (please see Delivery for further information).  We also provide an option to “build your own” hamper if you would like to self-select your own combination of items.


How W&W was created

Setting:  A cold and miserable Sunday evening in London.  

Woman says to man:  Eek, it is Grandma’s birthday on Wednesday!  (Note:  Grandma is 92 and lives in New Zealand).

Man says to woman:  Sheesh, what are we going to get her, and have it there by Wednesday?

Woman says to man (whilst frantically searching on the internet):  Ugh, I wish that there was a NZ online business that sold luxurious and tasteful gift and food hampers with great quality products that she can’t just find at the supermarket.

Man says to woman:  When we move home to NZ let’s blimin’ well make it happen.

[Repeat conversation for father’s birthday, mother’s birthday, sibling’s birthday, niece and nephew’s birthdays, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, friend’s wedding day, Christmas…]



Hold on!

This product contains alcohol, which means that it is only for over 18s

Are you over 18?

Yes! No!

Sorry, no can do! This product is R18

Opps actually I am 18