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A Dram



This hamper contains: 

  • The Whisky Collection trio of whiskys (each 150ml) including:

- The South Island 25 years Single Malt - 40% ABV (exceptionally rated as "liquid gold" in Jim Murray's Whisky Bible)
- The High Wheeler 21 years SingleWood - 43% ABV
- The Dunedin 16 years DoubleWood - 40% ABV

  • Wellington Chocolate Factory (WCF) Salted Brittle Caramel (85g).
  • Handwritten message on a custom designed, gold printed logo textured stationery card.
  • Assembled in a custom made, luxurious black linen lidded box with our logo embossed in gold (measuring 33 x 19 x 10cm).

  • Standard delivery included.

 A wee snifter.


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